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This is the support page for attendees of the TESL Toronto T4T Conference, January 2016 for my presentation:
“Turn it on! Creating Digital Capability in the Classroom”

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I hope to inspire you and offer some valuable tips and advice regarding using hardware and computing devices in the classroom. I am a strong believer in DIY or “do it yourself” techniques and philosophy, so I offer lots of insights that have been earned in the field – in the classroom, the computer lab, and all around education venues.

On this page I’ll share some resources and links. I hope this solves the issue of feeling you have to take extensive notes during my presentation. If you have any questions you may comment at the end of this page or email me directly via mike @

Note: I provide pages like this in lieu of sharing my presentation files for two reasons. The first is related to issues of intellectual property and protecting my creative work. Second and more importantly, I present on many topics and I generally consider them all “works in progress.” I prefer to share a web page like this which is easily editable after the fact. It’s fair and makes sense.

My Google document with all my rough notes and all links (commenting is enabled):

Note: I reserve the right to edit comments I don’t feel are on topic or appropriate. Also, this support page may be updated within days or weeks of the presentation with new or improved information. Check back for updates.

Learn more about training programs I offer by visiting:

Thank you for participating!

Mike Simpson

January, 2016