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Welcome to the course!

I’m happy to be teaching an introduction to After Effects course. We will primarily use eCentennial to communicate online (and email) but I may post some interesting content here as well.

This website hosts my portfolio and blog, and is a tool I use for my training. I teach in a few areas and design-media is a favourite. You can see I also enjoy art and e-learning. Photography is a big deal to me. I try to bring a design sensibility to my shots and edits. My Instagram isĀ (

Official course name and section:
CG 350 – Adobe After Effects (SEC. 801)

You may contact me through eCentennial but I welcome you to email me via my personal email. It’s mike @

Looking forward to working with you this term!


Resources and Media

Drone shot – Mountain Lake – 720p


Music City – Motion Graphics

Flat Icons Animation in Articulate Storyline (E-Learning Software)

Excellent example of motion graphics that use creative transitions between “shots” and lots of reveal/hide to create the scenes.

Streets are for People – Mikooshka (Directed and produced by Mike Simpson)

After Effects Basics – Video by Peter McKinnon