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Welcome to participants of the TESL Toronto T4T Conference. Thanks for attending my presentation in January 2018.

This is a support and follow-up page which contains an embed of an edited version of my presentation. Some image slides have been removed. Most text slides have been retained. I also provide some useful links at the end of this article.


What is “Turn It On?”

Turn It On is a concept Mike conceived of to encourage creatives and educators to use all tools at their disposal, and to not overlook any possibilities for expanding their digital skill sets and capabilities. Whether working with PDFs in Adobe Acrobat or audio in a free recorder like Vocaroo, anyone can use tech to its full potential. Anyone and everyone should “turn it on!”

The key idea is that anyone can work with digital media, including teachers, professionals, small business people, or administrators who may not have an art or design background.. Tips are offered for using images and audio/video. Recommendations are made for both free and paid software. Finally Mike offers advice for those who want to go DIY and try out some recordings for themselves.

Presentation Preview

This is an edited preview. Most images have been removed. If you have questions or for presentation bookings please reach out via email.

Contact / Further Information

If you or your organization would like access to the full presentation or would like to hire Mike to present, please email him at: [email protected]

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