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Welcome TESL Ontario conference participants

This page supports my presentation on e-portfolios. If you attended my presentation on November 25 in Toronto – thanks! There were 55 people at my presentation and I appreciate your enthusiastic participation.
I don’t usually share my presentations – I instead opt for a web page like this, and populate it with information from the presentation session. If you’d like to contribute please email me at mike at mikesimpson dot ms.
Let’s keep the conversation going!

My original blog post on e-portfolios

New Education Training – Manage Digital Content with E-Portfolios

Resources and Links

Pathbrite – Online Portfolios
This site looks amazing. It appears that portfolios can be made using a drag and drop interface. Slick! I am keen to try it out!
This is the free version of WordPress. It’s ad-supported. It’s a good place to start if you’re curious about state of the art websites and blogs.
Same as the above but with more features and control. This is the full self-hosted WordPress (used in conjunction with your own domain and a web hosting package).
Schoology LMS
I love this LMS. It’s got a clean design and great user experience. It’s got an enterprise and free tiers so it’s a good place to see what’s possible with the best in cloud learning management systems. Also see: Edmodo.
This looks like an education-specific platform that runs on top of WordPress.
Google Drive
Create an e-portfolio in WordPress
Handy walk-through discusses most aspects of creating a WordPress blog/website that can be used as an e-portfolio.
Dr. Helen C. Barrett’s website (academic who writes about e-portfolios)
The papers published by Dr. Barrett appear to be the most cited in Google search. She breaks down different aspects of e-portfolios. Though dated now (papers were published around 2010/2011) the theoretical framework is solid (though I wouldn’t use this as a starting point for choosing tools).
LINC chat discussion about e-portfolios
An interesting discussion by Ontario LINC teachers. Perhaps the best thing about this are the instructional PDFs shared by Bonnie (link below).
Guide to using E-portfolios in LINC
Bonnie from NorQuest in Edmonton shared some amazing PDFs in the LINC chat