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William "Bill" Simpson
"New sweaters" - Bert Willie and John (back) Crawford and John (front_

William “Bill” Simpson (1920-1992)

My grandfather, William “Bill” Simpson, was born and raised in Scarborough, Ontario. His parents were Scottish immigrants who arrived in 1912. Bill was a working-class man who raised a family and enjoyed art and music.

Bill died at Scarborough Centenary Hospital in 1992 of diabetes complications. He left behind Gwen, his wife, and his children Bob and Gail, and grandchildren Mike, Steve and Jeff.

In 2014 my son was born and my wife and I named him William Mark Simpson. I’m glad we could carry on my grandfather’s name.

This website is in progress but we hope to quickly build up a worthy biography, photo gallery and media page. Thanks for visiting.

– Mike Simpson


Photos above: Bill Simpson in the yard of the cottage (see video on this page) / Simpson boys “New sweaters” – Bert Willie and John (back) Crawford and John (front)



Above: Bill walking along the front of the cottage at Head Lake, Ontario. He was proud of his work building that property.


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