Ancestry Project – Digital Resources for Canadian Educators

Ancestry Project is a digital education resource designed with ESL instructors in mind. Learn about digital media for the classroom and download free materials on topics such as: Canadian history, culture, Canada 150 and digital storytelling.
Ancestry Project introduces teachers and educators to new Canadian education resources and new ways of conducting digital storytelling. Throughout 2017 access is free. All are welcome.
Topics include culture, history, and digital media, including special content devoted to Canada 150 and digital storytelling. Ancestry research is hot and can be undertaken with students as part of work on culture, history and society. Digital storytelling can be simplified so that producing audio stories becomes the focus, and easy web tools can be employed.


Ancestry Project won the TESL Canada Innovation Award for “Digital Teaching or Learning Resource,” 2017.
Read more at the Ancestry Project Blog.


Mike Simpson presented on Ancestry Project at:

  • TESL Toronto’s T4T January 2017 conference
  • TESL Hamilton’s Spring 2017 conference
  • TESL Ontario‚Äôs Fall 2017 conference

Contact Mike via the Ancestry Project website.

Visit the website (registration is free):
Ancestry Project: Sharing Canadian Culture, Creating Digital Stories