New Video Production: “Parachute or Backpack” by Paul Schedlich

by | May 6, 2016 | Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Music, Video, Visual Effects

Parachute or Backpack – experimental music video feat. time-lapse clips of Hong Kong

I just finished work on this innovative music video that features arty, experimental, time=lapse imagery atop a driving tune by Toronto-based musician Paul Schedlich. Watch the video and read on to learn more about the project and experience putting it together.


About Paul Schedlich: A Toronto-based musician/songwriter, Schedlich employs the dynamics of post-rock within pop structures. His album Ghosts of Kowloon is a collection of dream-like, guitar-driven songs that reflect his time living in Hong Kong. Parachute or Backpack was written before departure: “I wanted to express the rare, peaceful moments of quiet and the chaotic, yet beautiful energy of the city.”

Video Concept: In the spirit of Baraka or Koyaanisqatsi, time-lapse clips were fashioned into a visually ambient, flowing piece that grows with intensity in parallel with the music. Paul fashioned a song that grows from quiet to a storm of guitars over three and a half minutes. Lights grow more chaotic and clash with city scenes and the song rises to a crescendo.

Challenges/Solutions: MS Design-Media innovated by crafting a video from stock clips that focused on time-lapses of Hong Kong. This process required more research and auditioning of clips than a normal scripted video. Clips of various lights, traffic, parks and public transit worked in conjunction with scenes of street and market crowds to match the movement within the music. Result: An artistic and experimental video that requires repeat viewings to take it all in.


Title Animation: Opening Credit “Parachute or Backpack”

The concept was to mimic the kind of neon signs found in Hong Kong markets. Challenges included finding ways to get a realistic flicker and nice vibrant glow. Opening and closing titles bookend the video.

Tools: Adobe CC (After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop)


Collage of stills from PArachute or Backpack video by Paul Schedlich - Directed by Mike Simpson