I recently completed work on the “History of Turntables” website. The site is part of the HoT – History of Turntables project. The project encompasses an information graphic, a series of illustrations, and a website that looks at the history of turntables (aka record players). The website title is “Turntables from Analogue to Digital: History, Science, Culture.”

The history of this technology is fascinating. It wouldn’t surprise most to learn that Thomas Edison, American inventor extraordinaire was an early pioneer, but there is an unsung hero – Frenchman Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville actually invented a sound-recording device thirty years before Edison (1857). Of course Edison’s invention, the phonograph, could record and play back sound, thus he gets the credit for the invention of the earliest “turntable.”

The website is a customized WordPress theme. The “Responsive” theme was stripped down and modifications were made to the CSS. This was my first purely responsive website – it works equally well on mobile and desktop.