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WebQuest: Famous Canadians Part One

Justin_Trudeau_and_Enrique_Pena_Nieto-2-cropWRITING ASSIGNMENT: Justin Trudeau

What do you know about our Prime Minister? Where is he from? What did he do before he was PM? Where did he go to school?

Explore the life and career of Justin Trudeau and write a short biography.

In this exercise you will practice: reading, speaking, writing.

In the next tab you will see an overview of the assignment.

Good luck!

WRITING ASSIGNMENT: Biography of Justin Trudeau Justin Trudeau is the current Prime Minister of Canada. Your assignment is to read more about his life and write a short bio (biography). Use the tabs to move through the assignment. Thank you, Mike Simpson

RESEARCH ONLINE Visit either of these two websites and make simple notes about the life and career of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. You only need to use one. The Canadian Encyclopedia Wikipedia NOTE TAKING Make notes. Take 5-8 notes on facts relating to Trudeau’s life. Think about his birthplace, early life (childhood), education, career and political life. DISCUSSION When you are finished ask a friend or family member what they know about Trudeau. You may even quiz them informally. This process will get you thinking about his life and ready to write. WRITING After discussion, write a 50-100 word paragraph entitled “Biography of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.” Use Microsoft Word, and be sure to save the title and your name in the file name. SUBMISSION Submit to Mike: [email protected]

Evaluation is based on the rubric you were given after registration. If you need a copy of it please email Mike at [email protected]
You’ve learned a little more about our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. If you are curious you can watch a short video about Justin.
Thanks for participating in the assignment.
Photo of Justin Trudeau
By Presidencia de la República Mexicana (Flickr) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
Justin Trudeau and Enrique Pena Nieto-2-crop