Hello FoodShare

Let’s create and educate!

Hello FoodShare

Let’s create and educate!

Thank You

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Thank you FoodShare

Poverty and food insecurity are major issues in Toronto. Organizations like FoodShare play a crucial role in supporting the people of this city (over 350,000 people reached and 8,000 people trained in 2020).  I understand and support their mandate and mission. I believe in accessibility, inclusiveness and the importance for citizens of this city to have access to healthcare and nutritious food. Thank you FoodShare for your community service. 

Dear FoodShare:

Thanks for taking time to review this special page. I want to join your team as a graphic design coordinator. Hire me full-time or freelance, to assist with your marketing, e-newsletters, annual reports and community outreach throughout 2022.

I am happy to share my design portfolio with you. After preparing the resume I decided it would be of benefit to create a digital version, so here it is.

On this page I share the following:

  • FoodShare Design Mockup
  • Work and Project Experience
  • Skills and Software

Please take time to review my resume as both PDF and web page. Let me know what you think.

Thanks and looking forward to your feedback!


Mike Simpson

FoodShare Design Mockup

I visited your website. After coming to some understanding of your mission and belief in equality and fairness, I recognized some improvements could be made to some design elements. I tried a redesign of the Careers page, moving the header text up and keeping the button in the same place. While it could be argued the left aligned original text is slightly more interesting, arguably one’s eye is drawn most to the text and the large area of brick above the staff. The original layout works well for marketing but not for a recruiting page. An image with faces obscured leads one to consider whether different text approaches would work better. 


FoodShare website screenshot


FoodShare website screenshot - redesign


Work and Project Experiences

Tdot Studio logo

Tdot Shots and Tdot Studio


Tdot Shots was founded in 2018, and the community site Tdot Studio was launched in 2021. These projects support artists, designers, photographers and creators in Greater Toronto. Tdot Shots has thousands of followers on social media and a core group of hundreds of community members who participate in meetups in downtown Toronto. Content is published for our blogs and social media.

Proud moment: Reaching 20k followers at @tdot_shots while supporting and earning the respect of GTA-based creatives.

Ancestry Project logo

Ancestry Project (ancestryproject.ca)


In 2017, I launched this award-winning website after a process of building a membership-based website, researching topics, and writing and designing the initial teacher resources. Educators have access to PDFs for print or digital use, and registration is free. This work involved collaboration with other creators, including a Toronto based ESL publisher.

Accomplishment: Ancestry Project won the “Digital Innovation” award for “Teaching or Learning Resource” from TESL Canada at their annual conference in 2017.


Centennial College logo

Centennial College, Story Arts Centre


Since 2017 I have worked as an instructor and curriculum developer, preparing and leading courses in the Art and Design, and Continuing Education departments of the college. My teaching reflects my knowledge of art and design history and best practises, and practical experience in creative industries.

Accomplishments: Updating a portfolio development course to reflect contemporary design-media standards (Creativity in Context), and development of a media course that was taught online in 2021 (Adobe After Effects).

Toronto South LIP

Toronto South Local Immigration Partnership


In 2011 and 2012, I led training, in website maintenance and content creation, for administrators at 60+ Toronto agencies. I designed support and training materials in PDF format for web and print, reviewed website user experience,  collaborated with stakeholders and wrote reports for project managers. Trainings took place at: YMCA, TDSB, St. Stephen’s, COSTI, CAMH, Skills for Change, and organizations in downtown and west Toronto.

Highlights: Leading one-on-one training with staff at agencies, and Improving site functionality by providing web developers user feedback on the user experience (UX) .


CCLCS logo

Canadian Centre for Language and Cultural Studies


Since I trained with CCLCS beginning in 2001 I have worked with them as a teacher and designer. My current role is web designer and content creator. I maintain their website and work with the staff developing content for their blog and social media.

Accomplishments: Publishing 10 articles to their blog and social media to boost their content marketing strategy in 2021, and facilitating the CALL teacher training computer workshops in 2009-2011.



InDesign, Adobe Acrobat andMicrosoft Word

Publishing, Print and Writing


Adobe InDesign, Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Word represent the best workflow for creating PDFs, reports, and designs that require rich layouts, yet require adherence to accessibility standards.


Photoshop, Lightroom and Illustrator

Graphics, Photo and Image Editing


Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator are tools I use to create graphics, and assets for social media and video. Editing photography is a principle task as photos are one of the best components of website and print content.

As a designer with a background in photography, I recognize that art and illustrations are also valuable so I have taught myself Adobe Illustrator and online software like Canva, Sketch and Figma. These free tools are perfect for designers and administrators alike.


Additional Software

In addition to graphics and media software:

  • Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Publisher, Outlook
  • Communications: MailChimp (Newsletters)
  • E-learning: Moodle, Brightspace
  • Websites: WordPress



Art & Design

  • Graphics
  • illustrations and logos
  • Photo and video editing

Training & Education

  • E-learning
  • Online course development
  • Teaching and training

Media & Communications

  • Social media
  • Websites and blogging
  • Publishing


Thanks for visiting. I appreciate your support and welcome your feedback. Let’s discuss how I can contribute to your team and mission.

Please reach out: [email protected]