Photo above from a presentation on Ancestry Project and running your own education website; I presented this topic to TESL organizations in Hamilton and Toronto.

Welcome! So excited to share this website and blog with you! Documenting my education work and professioal development has been a project of mine for the last two years.

My learning journey was re-ignited in 2015 when I startyed the e-learning certificate at the University of Toronto. That program really inpsired me, and spurred me toward developing my own e-learning resources such as Scots to Canada and Ancestry Project. 

Life-long learning is a feature of the modern world, and I’m a strong proponent. I first engaged in this process when I went back to school for a TESL teaching certificate (2001-2002) and a college diploma in Design-Media (2009-2011). 

On this website you’ll find links to my blog post about the e-learning certificate program and Ancestry PRoject – I hope you’ll read and explore and follow along as I document my experience and process.

Thanks for reading! and by all means please drop me a line if you have any questions, comments, or would like to discuss hiring me for your education development project.


Mike Simpson

January 2020