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Get-Tech – Technology Training with Mike Simpson


Mike_portrait__Circle-cut_500px_stairs-light_DSC0101Essential Technology Training

Join Mike Simpson in a “Train the Trainer” session where you’ll learn how to use document, design, website/blog and e-learning software from Adobe, Microsoft, WordPress and Moodle.


My workshops are lean and efficient. Participants and their organizations will:

  • Develop skills with design and media management tools (Adobe, Moodle, WordPress)
  • Work with Office (Excel, Word, PPT) in the creation of social media and email campaigns
  • Be able to assess software and tools for utility and cost effectiveness
  • Learn to maximize efficacy using small budgets and older equipment
  • Reduce costs involved with paper, copy machine and printer processes


At the end of every session Mike will provide:

  • A Best Practises PDF Handout for tools such as Office, Adobe Suite and WordPress
  • Complimentary support to your staff for a four-week period

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Join Mike and book a session today

Mike is a patient teacher, an Adobe Education Trainer and experienced trainer, graphic designer, and media producer.

TRAINING 1 – Document and Media Design with Adobe Suite

MS-Training_AdobeThis workshop introduces office workers and training facilitators to Adobe Suite (and Creative Cloud). Learn tools like InDesign and Acrobat to make great looking documents that are professional and accessible. Master processes like producing interactive PDFs and other digital documents (like websites or e-books). Learn how to edit a photo or logo and upload to your website or place in a brochure or newsletter. Digital image and document editing and design are skills useful to all 21st century workers.

Bonus: Go paperless! It’s time to go digital. And when you do need to print make sure your docs shine!


TRAINING 2 – Create and Manage Online Content Management Systems (CMS-LMS)


Learn how to design, plan, build and manage your own website-blog CMS OR LMS (Content Learning Management System). Become familiar with the principles of building and maintaining a blog or website, and get comfortable with social media and video.

Master the organization of documents and media in your own efficient and reliable online portal. Trainers/Educators: Add student docs, media like audio and video, blog posts, discussion forums, calendars, polls, games, quizzes, study aids and other interactive content.

Explore open source, free LMS systems used by professional trainers and educators around the world. Bonus: Go paperless! Minimize the need to print or make excessive photocopies of course content.


TRAINING 3 – Microsoft Office for Social Media and Email Communications 

MS-Training_social_mediaLearn the “quick and dirty” essentials necessary to feel confident and be competent when working with the core applications of Microsoft Office: Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. Learn how these tools integrate with social media, websites, and blogs. In addition, become competent working with Office documents and Adobe Suite, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools like Zoho and Nimble and Email Marketing tools like MailChimp.

Bonus: Go paperless! Minimize old-school paper output and impress colleagues and clients with your digital marketing materials.

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Book Today for Spring 2014 Sessions!

Current Programs and pricing will be offered throughout February and March 2014

All training programs will be blended, there will be both a classroom session and take home (a typical 4-hour workshop or training session is approximately 2 hours of face-to-face and 2 hours asynchronous follow-up that takes place online).



Free Training! Course starts March 3, 2014

Promotional image for DIY LMS Course - Start Your Own Online Course


DIY LMS: Start Your Own Online Course

This course will be 4-weeks long and cover the basics of setting up your own online course using learning management systems. Moodle will be contrasted with up and comers including Chamilo. WordPress will be discussed as an alternate/supplementary resource.

Please contact me for more information and to apply/register. Application deadline is February 17, 2014.


For more information about any of the Get-Tech training programs please contact:

Mike Simpson

[email protected]

Link to this page:


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About Mike Simpson


Mike is passionate about connecting people, ideas and tools. He has been working in design-media since 1990 and education and training since 2000. Mike believes in lifelong learning and the power of transforming life experience into marketable and transferrable hard and soft skills. In recent years he has taught and trained in Toronto at agencies such as St. Stephen’s and COSTI, and schools such as George Brown College and CCLCS. He is an advocate for “DIY” approaches to using technology and believes anyone can “get tech”.



1998 – present –
Graphic, Web and Media Design and Production, Training and Consulting Services
2012 – Instructor, English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Program George Brown College
2009 – 2011 – Facilitator, CALL Workshops at CCLCS (Educational Technology)


2013 – Adobe Train the Trainer course (Adobe Edex)
2013 – Post-TESL Certificate (Humber College)
2009-2011 – Advanced Diploma Graphic Design-Media (Centennial College)
2002-2003 – TESL Certificate (CCLCS)
1989-1992 – Bachelor of Arts degree (University of Toronto)

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Adobe-Touch-Apps-Family-LogoAdobe Education Trainer

Mike is a proud graduate of the Adobe Train the Trainer online course. He instructs in using tools such as: Photoshop, InDesign, Acrobat, Dreamweaver and Premiere.

An “Adobe Education Trainer” is an individual that provides training on Adobe tools and solutions to individuals and institutions in the education space.