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Education Technology – Teaching, Training, Design and Media

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Why Mike? What does Mike Simpson bring to the table?

A broad range of people skills, technology skills and an appreciation of the modern global urban multi-culture. Mike is an experienced teacher-trainer and a self-starter with software, websites, and a range of media applications.

Mike is interested in positions in: teaching and training, design and media, instructional design and technical/creative work in areas such as publishing and media. He’s adept with a range of software and excels in Adobe Creative Suite / CC.


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icon_people-group-teach-trainTeaching – Training
Mike has been a teacher / trainer since 2003. Working for schools and service agencies such as George Brown College, Centennial College, YMCA, and COSTI, Mike has helped facilitate adult learning and training – from language training (ESL English) to technology such as websites and CMS (Content Management) Systems such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal). He’s highly competent with admin routines and savvy with creating instructional materials.


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icon_presentations_charts_visual_dataPresentations / Workshops
Since 2009 Mike has been presenting to teachers and small business professionals, and leading workshops in educational software and Internet technologies. He has presented to organizations like TESL Durham, and TESL Ontario, and done workshops in computer technology for schools such as CCLCS and George Brown College. WordPress is a favourite topic, as are tools like Google Docs and broader social media, web-based tools and design software.


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Mike has a keen interest in new technologies and seeks out ways to implement them in his workflow. Adept from mobile to desktop (Android, iOS, PC, Mac), Mike has strong familiarity with Microsoft Office and expertise with Adobe Suite. Old school: Mike has been managing websites since 1998. New school: Mike’s excited about responsive websites, iPad app design, and media including web video and HTML 5 animations (for web, iBooks, Adobe DPS etc).

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TEACHING: ESL English, Academic Preparation (Colleges, LINC)

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[symple_skillbar title=”Teaching Vocabulary / Idioms” percentage=”85″ color=”#5674bd”]

[symple_skillbar title=”Teaching Business English / CDN Culture” percentage=”85″ color=”#6862c2″]

[symple_skillbar title=”Teaching Reading / Writing” percentage=”70″ color=”#8457be”]

SOFTWARE: MS Office + Web-based + General Computer Technology

[symple_skillbar title=”Websites / Blogs / WordPress” percentage=”95″ color=”#a248b9″]

[symple_skillbar title=”Microsoft Word / Documents” percentage=”85″ color=”#b7429d”]

[symple_skillbar title=”Microsoft PowerPoint / Presentations” percentage=”75″ color=”#b44071″]

[symple_skillbar title=”Blackboard / Moodle” percentage=”70″ color=”#b63f41″]

SOFTWARE: Design + Media + Images + Documents

[symple_skillbar title=”Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator” percentage=”95″ color=”#b66d42″]

[symple_skillbar title=”Adobe InDesign / Acrobat” percentage=”85″ color=”#e6b822″]

[symple_skillbar title=”Adobe Premiere / After Effects” percentage=”75″ color=”#a9bc51″]

[symple_skillbar title=”Adobe Dreamweaver / Edge Animate” percentage=”70″ color=”#54ae4c”]


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Mike leading English language training. Utilizing music like Canadian icon Gordon Lightfoot helps facilitate listening comprehension and cultural understanding. As a musician and enthusiast, Mike knows first hand the amazing ability of music and other media to make connections and stimulate student interest. 

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Work Experience

I’ve worked for some of the finest schools and social agencies in Toronto. I’m keen to do more work in areas like education, arts, immigrant services and design-media. Maybe your organization is next? Need a full-time, part-time or freelancer? I’m at the ready!

Check out the tabbed sections for full summaries. Please get in touch if you have any questions.


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Intensive English Program (IEP ESL) – Academic English Instruction – January 2012 to December 2012 – As an academic English instructor teaching intermediate level Listening, Reading and Vocabulary, Mike sought solutions that brought in complementary and integrated skills. While listening, students would learn a pronunciation tip, and in addition to reading and vocabulary study, Mike engaged students and offered them opportunities to write via a class blog. Experienced with LMS-CMS systems like Blackboard and Moodle, Mike utilized WordPress for class notes, assignment docs, discussion and media. Responsibilities included instruction, lesson and curriculum planning, evaluation via regular testing and take-home assignments, offering feedback and academic planning counsel over an 8-week cycle.

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Website Training – Toronto immigration support and service agencies – Spring 2011 and Spring 2012 – Mike was contracted by St. Stephen’s to conduct CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada)-mandated training of immigration service agencies in downtown Toronto. Mike has serviced 40+ agencies, providing one-on-one, hands-on training to administrators and managers alike, patiently guiding participants through all facets of the LIP website, from log in to content management (to control the look of the agency user page, adding text and images, or other data such as entries for news feeds). In addition to the agency training sessions, Mike set up an online booking system, performed troubleshooting and relayed user experience feedback and related information to the web developers. Clients included YMCA, Costi, TCDSB, TDSB, and many more. (Technical note: The CMS at the backend was Drupal (similar to Joomla/WordPress).

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CALL Workshop – TESL Instruction and Curriculum Design – 2009-2011 – CCLCS is a school which offers LINC and TESL programs, to both ESL English students and their future teachers. For nine years Mike taught LINC and for two years he facilitated Educational Technology / CALL Training (Computer-Assisted Language Learning workshops, from 2009-2011). This work has provided expansion into computer training, which draws on experience as a trainer and designer. Mike’s innovations at workshops include incorporation of web-based tools such as WordPress blogs and Google Docs into the curriculum via hands-on computer lab activities and assignments. Prior to conducting the educational technology workshops Mike designed and maintained the CCLCS website.




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All work and no play… presenting Mike’s travel map

Mike is greatly interested in cross-cultural study, whether through cinema, reading, or travel. Here are a few highlights from his travels, and a few he’s got on the long-term list.



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dual_boot_mac_windows_graphic_by_MSimpson_strongandfreeI dual boot! I’m comfortable with Windows + Mac. I also use Android + iOS devices.

That’s the way it’s always been – and always will be. There’s a world of diverse amazing tools out there, and I want to know and use each and every one of them. Up next: Linux.



mikes_world_coffee_to_computers_chartI like to express myself through words and pictures, particularly in blogs, and visually sophisticated documents like information graphics.

That’s one of my current passions. Whether reading and interpreting or creating my own – these graphics are engaging and fun. I put them together with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Up next: Animation with Adobe Edge.


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Thanks for visiting! Please contact me to book a meeting. I’ll explain how I’ll bring value and new insights to your organization.



Please email me or telephone me at the following coordinates. I’ll try to get back to you within 1-2 business days.

mike ~at~  or 1.416.837.4981

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