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Are you a teacher, educator, or trainer? Are you interested in e-learning and education tech?

If you answered yes, please consider the following: I’m offering DIY E-learning, a free online course in e-learning, four times throughout 2020. The classes will be small, take place over 4 weeks, and require only a few hours of commitment per week. Best of all, the courses will be partly instructor-led and partly workshop-style with participants expected to contribute their own ideas and experiences. Ideally you should have intermediate tech abilities and a background in teaching or training, but all will be welcome to apply.

DIY E-Learning – Curriculum and topical outline (in development):

  • Week One: What is E-Learning? (Overview)
  • Week Two: Software and Case Studies
  • Week Three: Project Development (Create something!)
  • Week Four: Presentations and Critique / Future of E-Learning

In the beginning we’ll look at the history of e-learning, go over terms and concepts and by week two, start to look at software tools and examples of how those tools have been used. In week three you will come up with a project of your own and in week four we will share our work and sum up in discussion and critique. Lastly in the final week we’ll also look at predictions about the future of e-learning.

Course Schedule / Start Dates (4-week course)

June 2020
September 2020
November 2020

As you may have noted this is one starts in summer and two in fall. 

What is E-Learning Anyway? 

By the way, regarding the question “What is E-Learning?” Here’s a quote:

“All computer and Internet-based activities that support teaching and learning – both on-campus and at a distance”

 What a lovely definition! This comes from a blog post by Tony Blake. I like that he uses the word “computer” in addition to “Internet” because certainly some e-learning can take place offline. And indeed the activities can take place anywhere because this is the mobile age after all – we can be at home or school, or a cafe or on the subway. We can learn with almost any device, anywhere, both online and off.

Course Materials / Requirements

The course will be developed in early 2020 and registration will take place about a month before each start date. Mike will design the courses according to the outline above, and supplement with materials such as web articles and online video. All materials will be free, and be provided online and in digital formats.

Students be required to have some familiarity with technology, education, and ed-tech aka “education tech.” If you say yes to the question of whether or not you know a bit about things like Photoshop / Canva, Google documents, LMS systems like Blackboard or Moodle, and have a strong interest in developing digital media and your own resources, then this course will be for you!

Thank You / Application and Contact Information

Thanks for your interest and be sure to drop me a line at [email protected] if you would like more information (I’ll add you to my mailing list). In addition when you write please use a subject line like “E-Learning course 2020.” Application processes will start about a month before each course date.

Cheers and hope to meet you in the course!

Mike Simpson

Mike Simpson is an educator and designer from Toronto. He’s passionate about e-learning and photography. Mike is the instructor and course designer for “DIY E-Learning,” a free online course launching
in March 2020.