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 The new website project I’m working on is Tdot Studio, on It’s a full on community with online courses launching in September.


In development since spring, the project has made me realize how much potential WordPress has as a platform for a community and e-learning content, but also how complex that kind of site can be.

The rewards are big though, as I now have a space to support the work I do with companion site, Tdot Shots. Creating this site was intensive but pleasureable. The real work has arrived though, as I start to market the site and greet the new membership.

The core process:

  • create the branding and identity, refine logos and other assets
  • research and test WordPress themes and plugins for community and course functionality
  • implement a user registration, login and member management system
  • develop an onboarding system to welcome and familiarize users with the site
  • configure e-commerce tools using Stripe for payment provision
  • write the content for posts and pages, and invite the Tdot network to become members

 Here is some additional information about these processes, and some of the solutions that make it work.


Tdot Studio builds on the development of Tdot Shots. At 21k followers on Instagram, the community of creators and photographers is substantial. Iterating on the blue and green used throughout Tdot Shots and identity, the studio employs the same colour scheme, gradients and fonts.

User Registration and Onboarding

The sign up system is thorough and allows me to collect important details about my applicants, as well as permit the members to upload their profile photos and add a bio while they register. Approval is done manually, users are screened, and I send a combination of automatic and customized emails welcoming them aboard.

I have to acknowledge the developers of WP User Manager, a wonderful user management plugin. With some code tweaks (adding php files), the plugin was reconfigured to work with my membership profile, directories and account system. 


This part is really beautiful. A member can upgrade and make a payment without leaving the site. Payment is done in a beautiful, simple overlay. Furthermore, transaction details are stored at Stripe, not the website. Two WordPress plugins built with an integration handle these duties.

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