Hi! I’m Mike Simpson

I’m an educator and designer from Toronto. I work in colleges and private schools, work with students as a tutor, and develop e-learning and teaching resources. 

I created this micro-site to showcase my work in education and training. I have a passion for combining my teaching with design work, and in these pages you’ll find blog posts, and links to pages and projects. 

I’m a multidisciplinary teacher and designer and the proud founder and designer of Ancestry Project. I teach in different areas including ESL/TESL,  and Design-Media (websites, video and media production).  As a trainer I’ve worked with social and immigrant service agencies.

One of my proudest achievements was winning the TESL Canada award for Digital Teaching or Learning Resource in 2017. Another accomplishment was teaching After Effects online at Centennial College this spring. Software instruction is quite different when it’s not face to face, but I made use of virtual meetings and screen recordings to connect with my students.

I believe in life-long learning; In fall 2016, I completed the E-Learning Certificate at the University of Toronto. In spring 2021 I enrolled at Centennial College in the Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (TLHE) certificate program. 

These days I am developing an online community and e-learning project that is related to my work as an art and design instructor. 

I’m available for hire or just for a chat – get in touch! Cheers!



Professional Experience and Skills Summary

  • ESL/EAP/TESL teacher and trainer in colleges and non-profit sector for 20 years

  • Writing and editing, curriculum design

  • Presentations, workshops

  • Additional areas of work: design, media,  e-learning 

  • Expertise with software: Microsoft, Adobe CC, course admin and authoring, WordPress


E-Learning Certificate, University of Toronto, 2015-2016

Design-Media Diploma, Centennial College, 2009-2011

TESL Certificate, CCLCS Toronto, 2001-2002

Bachelor of Arts, University of Toronto, 1989-1992 


Teaching, training, presenting

Computers and software (Office, Adobe CC)

Education tech (LMS, Blackboard, Brightspace, Moodle)


Award for “Digital Teaching or Learning Resource (website, software)”
TESL Canada for AncestryProject.ca, 2017

Blog posts at mikesimpson.ms/learn and ancestryproject.ca

Presentations including TESL Ontario, Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton and Durham conferences from 2012 to present (View list)

Thank you for stopping by and visiting my education portfolio!

If you have some time I invite you to peruse my site and read some blog posts.

Creating an Online Community and Courses Site with WordPress (New Project)

Creating an Online Community and Courses Site with WordPress (New Project)

Teaching for me has included wide experiences, ranging from ESL English to Art and Design, at a variety of schools such as LINC and Settlement agencies and colleges like Centennial and George Brown. I've also been involved in training which entailed computer and...

Mike’s Guide to Video Conference and Online Meeting Software (Zoom, Skype, Meet, Teams)

Mike’s Guide to Video Conference and Online Meeting Software (Zoom, Skype, Meet, Teams)

How Can You Choose Between Online Meeting and Video Conference Software? (Zoom vs Skype vs Meet vs Teams)
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