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Mike’s Top 10: Technology for Creatives and Educators

"The best camera is the one that's with you." – Chase Jarvis As a designer and educator I find I have a need to keep on top of technology. In my personal/professional lives I use a range of devices, including my Note 3 and my Macbook Pro. I couldn't imagine not using...

Ancestry Project: E-Learning Design with a WordPress Website

Ancestry Project is an online education program employing e-learning tech and WordPress as an LMS Ancestry Project offers free resources and training to educators in areas like ancestry research, digital storytelling, Canadian history and culture. Most of the...

Photography Portfolio (New for 2016)

Mike’s photos have been used by organizations like Mozilla Foundation (Firefox browser) and Spacing (Toronto urban affairs magazine). Mike’s photography covers: landscapes, architecture, street, and city life.

Photo at left: Wired magazine cover collage.