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I’m Mike Simpson – graphic designer, media producer and e-learning developer.

In my design work I focus on:

  • websites and blogs
  • audio and video
  • e-learning and education tech

Hire me and I will deliver a superior product across all media. Please feel free to contact me regarding your project. I’m happy to chat and I’m presently accepting new work.

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Editing, Motion Graphics, Sound & Music


WordPress Websites & Blogs

Graphic Design

Print to Web
& Digital Media

Education Tech

E-Learning Development & LMS Software

Websites, Video, Graphics and Ed Tech

MS has you covered for websites and blogs, video editing, motion graphics, print and education tech.

Print, Video, Websites
Print, Video, Websites

“Ancestry Project”


An award-winning website with an e-learning component (online courses), Ancestry Project was launched in January, 2017. Teachers and educators can register free and download resources including study guides (PDF) and audio recordings (MP3).

WordPress CMS was chosen for its unique customization features and LearnDash was installed to provide LMS functionality. Explore the blog, resources and multimedia such as Canada Road Trip. Visit the site at: 

"Ancestry Project" - Title card for website, social media and advertising



The CN Tower is everywhere in Toronto but from many neighbourhoods, and even downtown, it is obscured or partly visible. What if we could see the tower from every street corner, balcony or park? This project, by Toronto-based photographer, Mike Simpson, reimagines the possibilities.

Check out the photos:

“Turntables: A History from A to D (Analogue to Digital)”


This project is now a website with an amazing full length information graphic – check it out at

The project began as a poster. Extensive research and writing was involved to identify key players and technological audio/music devices worthy of inclusion. An information graphic was conceived of as a means to illustrate the entire story with maximum graphic appeal. The website was built with WordPress (responsive theme with CSS customizations).

Poster for the "History of Turntables"

“Scots to Canada”


Scots to Canada is a website created to showcase Mike’s design abilities with educational materials. Based on the story of his Scottish ancestors who traveled to Canada in 1912, the content is authentic – real photos, an audio recording, and text describing the emigration process and the impact of Scots on Canadian history.

View more of this e-learning project at Learn.MS: